The Fachgesellschaft andere Sukkulenten (FGaS) has been in existence as a non-profit association since 1990 and has more than 400 members, mainly from German-speaking countries, but also from other European countries and overseas.
According to the statutes, the purpose of the work of the FGaS is to promote knowledge of succulent plants with the exception of cacti, to develop methods for plant reproduction and to disseminate and promote knowledge about botany, culture and reproduction of this group of plants in a general educational and scientific manner.
Activities include:
  • Interest groups dealing with individual genera or plant families to exchange information and hold meetings
  • Seed distribution - a seed exchange from member to member
  • Annual conference with internationally renowned speakers and a comprehensive plant bazaar
  • Bilingual magazine "Avonia" in A4 format with 84 pages each - the internationally acclaimed magazine about the other succulents
  • Library
  • Image archive
Membership fee from 2021: € 40 in Germany, € 45 outside Germany
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